XBMC with Canal Digital Norway using tvheadend/oscam for crypted channels on Gentoo

So I decided to set up DVB support on my XBMC, so that i can use XBMC for all my media needs. With oscam, the only hardware we need is a DVB-C card and a cheap PCSC smart card reader.

My TV card is a TerraTecCinergy C DVB-C.
My Smartcard reader is a SDI010 (works with CCID).
I did this on gentoo but it should be just as easy on most Linux OS.

The process

First you need to install CCID and pcsc-lite:

emerge -av pcsc-lite ccid

On gentoo PCSC daemon will auto start when you plug in the USB reader if you add this to /etc/rc.conf:


Else you might need to start the service.

Checkout oscam source:

svn co http://www.streamboard.tv/svn/oscam/trunk oscam
cd oscam

Now let’s build oscam with PCSC support:

make pcsc-libusb

Now configure oscam:

mkdir /usr/local/etc

Contents of /usr/local/etc/oscam.conf:

nice = -1
WaitForCards = 1
logfile = /tmp/oscam.log
usrfile = /tmp/oscamuser.log
cwlogdir = /tmp/cw
httpport = 8888
httpallowed =
key = 0102030405060708091011121314
port = 32000@0B00:000000

Note that you should change key to something more non-predictable.

Contents of /usr/local/etc/oscam.server:

label                 = canaldigital
protocol              = pcsc
device                = 0
caid                  = 0B00
detect                = cd
ident                 = 0B00:000000
group                 = 1
emmcache              = 1,3,2

Contents of /usr/local/etc/oscam.user:

user = tvheadend
pwd = tvheadend
uniq = 0
group = 1
ident = 0B00:000000
caid = 0B00
au = canaldigital

Note that you should change user/pwd.

Run oscam:


You can see its output from /tmp/oscam.log

Install and start tvheadend:

emerge -av tvheadend
/etc/init.d/tvheadend start
  1. Browse to http://localhost:9981/
  2. Go to Configuration -> Code word client
  3. Add entry
  4. Hostname: your ip
  5. Port: 32000
  6. Username: tvheadend
  7. Password: tvheadend
  8. DES Key: 01:02:03:04:05:06:07:08:09:10:11:12:13:14
  9. Check Enabled and Update card.
  10. Save

Now you can install XBMC tvheadend addon, plugin the smart card and, in theory just start watching TV!

(For XBMC addons i used this ebuild: http://data.gpo.zugaina.org/vdr-devel/media-plugins/xbmc-addon-pvr/xbmc-addon-pvr-9999.ebuild)