Extract GPS data from "Tracker" iOS app to GPS

Quick script for extracting gps data from the Tracker GPS app

First export data from app com.eofster.tracker using something like iPhone Backup Extractor (http://supercrazyawesome.com/)

mkdir tracker-extract && cd tracker-extract

npm install csvtojson
npm install gps-to-gpx

(cd 'com.eofster.tracker/Library/Application Support/com.eofster.tracker' && sqlite3 -header -csv Tracker.sqlite "select * from ZTRACKPOINT order by ZTIMESTAMP;" > out.csv)

Create index.js:

var Converter = require("csvtojson").Converter;
var converter = new Converter({});

const createGpx = require('gps-to-gpx').default;

//end_parsed will be emitted once parsing finished
converter.on("end_parsed", function (jsonArray) {
const converted = jsonArray.map(pos => {
return {
latitude: pos.ZLATITUDE,
longitude: pos.ZLONGITUDE,
elevation: pos.ZALTITUDE,
time: new Date((pos.ZTIMESTAMP+978307200)*1000).toISOString()

const gpx = createGpx(converted, {
activityName: 'tur',
startTime: converted[0].time,


//read from file


node . > out.gpx