LosslessCut now on the Mac App Store and Microsoft Store

LosslessCut has become more and more popular recently, and I’ve gotten literally over a hundred of emails from people thanking me and saying LosslessCut is what they have been looking for for a long time. In these corona🍺times I’ve had lots of time to work on it and I have added a lot of new features and improved the user interface.

Many people have requested LosslessCut to be distributed through more channels to reach more people and ease installation and auto updating. Major operating systems also show a scary warning now, when trying to open an executable downloaded from the internet.

I decided to charge a small price for the apps distributed through the Microsoft and Apple stores, to cover the costs I’m paying for the Apple and Microsoft fees as well as the many hours I put into this very tiring work of dealing with release management. LosslessCut binaries downloaded directly from GitHub will of course always be free and open source. So if you want to support the work I do, you can either donate or purchase the app from the stores. Using the store version has the benefit of auto updates and less hassle with unverified executables that Mac OS and Windows always complains about these days when downloading files from the internet.

I hope you like it and I will continue improving LosslessCut 🙌

Get the new LosslessCut

The source code is freely available for anyone to look at, and if you are interested in seeing how the project is automatically built and deployed, check out this blog post.