Quickly identify minified React Native / web production stacktraces with stacktracify

Error in production? 😨

Stack trace looks like this? 😱

TypeError h is not a function. (In 'h()', 'h' is undefined) 
main.jsbundle:112:423 p
main.jsbundle:112:423 p
main.jsbundle:112:898 n
main.jsbundle:50:205 c
main.jsbundle:50:1623 b
main.jsbundle:50:488 _
[native code] value
[native code] value

…perhaps from production from a minified web JS bundle or a React Native error report in a tool like Bugsnag, Sentry or Crashlytics

No source map yet uploaded to bugsnag? 😰

stacktracify takes a source map and a stack trace from your clipboard (or from a file) and outputs a readable stacktrace with proper line numbers for each line**

Example output:

TypeError h is not a function. (In 'h()', 'h' is undefined) 
at getAuthToken (logic/api.js:67:20)
at authRequest (logic/api.js:127:8)
at data (logic/SaveQueue.js:30:20)
at op (logic/SaveQueue.js:43:29)
at __callImmediates (node_modules/react-native/Libraries/BatchedBridge/MessageQueue.js:143:11)

How to do this? 😰

Copy the minified stack trace to clipboard, then run:

npm i -g stacktracify

react-native bundle --platform ios --entry-file index.js --dev false --bundle-output ios-release.bundle --sourcemap-output ios-release.bundle.map

stacktracify ios-release.bundle.map

Now sit back and relax, analyze the stack trace πŸ˜… and fix the bug πŸ˜ŽπŸ’―

Read more: https://github.com/mifi/stacktracify